Education for Sustainable Development conferences at the Loyola CMU

From February 26 to March 15, Loyola University Hall of Residence hosted a series of conferences dedicated to analyzing the role of a generation of young people in global economic and social progress, under the title ‘millennials for the 21st century’. The four conferences that made up the cycle took place in the conference room of the CMU Loyola.

The initiative organized by HfA with the collaboration of CMU Loyola aimed to show and bring closer in a practical and didactic way that development cooperation with and for the most vulnerable fractions of the population is not only a commitment of nations and corporations, but also for young generations.

The speakers teamed up in transmitting the need for a coherent Education for Sustainable Development, either through activities, talks or other programs and initiatives. The inaugural lecture was given by nurse Maria Lago, doctor Nuria Quintanilla and our director Shlomo Peretz, an expert in development cooperation. The second lecture, on March 6th, was on the development of mindfulness skills and was given by Professor of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas D. Fernando Tobias. The third week of the lecture series began with the presentation on March 12, by Mr. Iñigo Garcia, which revolved around self-knowledge and leadership. The finishing touch was put on March 15th by Professor Vanesa Morata with a section of hatha yoga that worked on the body, mind and heart of the attendees.