We work to facilitate access for everybody to the developments in medicine and healthcare technology

About us

Health for Africa is a non-profit organization that works in health development cooperation on the African continent.


Our strategy

Our strategy considers health as the central element in order to achieve true sustainable development on the African continent.


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With your help we provide medicine, medical care, training programs and health technology – required to cover the most basic aspects of health care and hospitals. 

Our vision and mission

To contribute to improve the sanitary conditions on the African continent, especially the primary health care services through our three fundamental pillars:

Sanitary Equipment & Supplies

Supply of medicines and health equipment to primary care centers.


Training of health personnel, focusing on primary health care and emergency response.

Responsiveness capacity

Reinforcement of medical staff in health structures.

Striving to be a health NGO in reference to:

collecting equipment

Receiving medical health equipment from organizations, companies and health systems in developed countries.

fair distribution

The distribution and provision of health equipment to health centers in developing countries to improve the quality and dignity of health care in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Public Policies

The impact on public health policies, especially regarding access to health equipment, necessary for primary health care.

Your contribution is essential

Together, we are so many who want to contribute to improving the living conditions of millions of people who do not have basic health services. With your help we provide medicines, medical care, training programs and health technology - necessary to cover the most basic aspects of health centers and hospitals.

Commitments to three of the Sustainable Development Goals

Our strategy

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