Our strategy

Together with authorities of each country and our local partners, HfA works to strengthen health systems in order for them to provide quality care to their populations. In the work towards this goal, we design projects in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, simultaneously as carrying out medical assistance interferences to continuing strengthening and supporting the care in local hospitals and health centers.

HfA also carry out Awareness and Education campaigns, aiming for the community’s, companies’ and public authorities` awareness and understanding of consumption issues and responsible production of health technology.

We need to start guaranteeing equal access to all medical innovations and ensure that a thermometer is not a luxury for anybody!

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We fight to stop the impact of the degradation of healthcare equipment (WEEE) on the environment.
Many countries consume and produce sanitary technology in an unsustainable way; technology that often ends up in garbage dumps without having fulfilled its useful life. While other regions have limited access to these resources. We do our best to contribute ending these inequalities.




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