Happy Africa Day 2023!

As Health for Africa, we are honored to celebrate the remarkable progress and potential of the African continent on this special occasion. Together with the United Nations, we stand as proud partners in advancing peace, sustainable development, and human rights for the people of Africa. Let us make this Africa’s century, focusing on the crucial aspect of healthcare! 🌟🌍


Africa’s dynamism is unstoppable, and the possibilities are awe-inspiring. With the African Union designating 2023 as the year of the African Continental Free Trade Area, we envision a future where improved healthcare plays a pivotal role. As the world’s largest single market takes shape, it holds the power to uplift millions out of extreme poverty by 2035, paving the way for progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063. 🚀💪

At Health for Africa, we believe that investing in health is investing in the future of the continent. As African governments embrace this historic opportunity, we urge them to prioritize the better equipping of hospitals and health centers. By leveraging the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area, we can enhance healthcare infrastructure, expand access to quality medical services, and empower healthcare professionals across the continent.


However, our collective efforts extend beyond borders. We call upon the international community to join us in supporting Africa’s health agenda. It is vital to address the historical and economic injustices that hinder progress. Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by crises such as COVID-19, climate change, and conflicts, ensuring that the people of Africa receive the healthcare they deserve.


Africa deserves a future where peace, justice, and international solidarity prevail. Let us work towards fair representation of the continent at the highest level of the international financial system. Through transformational business models and increased investment in healthcare, we can provide the necessary resources and support for hospitals and health centers to thrive. By standing together, we can achieve lasting impact and secure a healthier future for Africa. 🔒🤝

Health for Africa remains committed to partnering with organizations, governments, and individuals who share our vision of advancing healthcare across the continent. On this Africa Day, let us unite in international cooperation and solidarity, making Africa’s century a reality and improving the health and well-being of all its people. 🌍❤️