Transport and mobility: keys to sustainability

As part of HfA’s activities in Mali on education for sustainable development, several community awareness days were held on transport and mobility as key issues to sustainability.

Among the messages of the sensitizations, the participants were able to talk about the importance of transport in the framework of sustainable development in light of the environmental pressures, the associated social and economic effects and the interrelations with other sectors.

It was assessed how the continuous growth of the fossil fuel sector over the last few years makes a challenge of achieving sustainable transport a strategic priority at local, national, regional and global levels. On the other hand, the local community of Kayes consists of flat land where bicycles represents a possible and promising area of investments that could serve as means of mobility more accessible to all.


An important part of the activities was the message about the difficulties people with disabilities have in mobilizing within communities and the importance of having inclusive means for them.

At the end of the activities, 90 bicycles were assigned to persons from vulnerable groups, which generated a great impact on the community, where a bicycle can mean the difference between being able or not to go to school, receive medical attention or move quickly and safely through unpopulated areas.