Partnerships to achieve objectives (Fatao and Totana)

This year (2019) HfA initiated a sectoral exchange alliance between the municipalities of Fatao, Mali and Totana in Murcia, Spain.

This alliance is on the one hand established to enable a cooperation oriented towards specific municipal tasks: training and advice on administration and management, improvement of human and technical resources, municipal services as urban infrastructure, land management, water supply, health, waste collection and treatment, and cultural and sporting activities etc.

On the other hand, the alliance promotes the involvement of the social networks of the two localities and accordingly provides a useful framework and supportive base saturating NGOs, unions, social groups, as well as the general public for various collaborations.


The alliance between Fatao and Totana is an example of how we efficiently can approach the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030, particularly Goal number 11: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. Furthermore, it is important to remark that all of the SDGs have goals that are directly or indirectly related to the daily work of local and regional governments and that these therefore are key actors for development cooperation. Local governments are policy makers, catalysts for change, and represents governmental entities that exist at a strategic level for linking global goals with local communities.